Monday, October 14, 2013

Personalized Crown Royal Bottle Soap Dispensers

Lately I have found myself saving all the glass bottles and jars that we use in my house.  While going through them today I decided that the crown royal bottles would make good soap dispensers for my bathrooms!  They look better than the plastic bottles that were already in there.

While I was letting the bottles soak, to easily remove the labels, I thought that the bottles have enough room that I would be able to monogram them with our initial.  So I brought the initial up in the silhouette studio and sized it to fit on the front of the bottle.

While the initials were cutting, I removed the labels and used a little acetone to wipe down the areas where the labels were to ensure there was no glue residue left.

While the bottles were drying I trimmed the initial and put transfer paper, for glass etching I use contact paper to cut the stencil and for the transfer paper, on top for easier placement on the bottles.

I centered the initial the best I could and removed the clear contact paper.

I put a coat of Armour Etch on the stencil and let them set for about 5 minutes.  I them rinsed each bottle and removed the  stencil.

Here are the finished bottles before I added the soap and pumps.  I found that the larger soft soap pumps work great for these bottles.  

This is the soap dispenser I made for my kitchen.