Saturday, May 18, 2013

Easy Glass Etching

I have seen a lot of cute personalized glass pieces and decided that I could probably do something like that too.  Once I finally found the glass etching cream I played with some cheaper items until I actually felt comfortable with the whole process.  Before I got my silhouette, I just made a few sets of monogrammed glasses for gifts, but now the possibilities are endless.
After a little research I figured out how to cut contact paper using my silhouette cameo,  instead of using all my vinyl on my glass etching projects.  It works perfectly for me, at least so far.

Here is my new dish soap bottle, after seeing them all over pinterest I knew I had to make one...

And I couldn't stop there so I personalized the jar that I keep my doggies treats in...

 Lastly I etched and personalized this pyrex dish using the the borders set by Jennifer Wambach, which is the shape featured in the Weekly Shape Challange on the Silhouette Blog.  I love all the borders and this is probably just one of the many projects I will make using them, I already have some other ideas I am working on.