Saturday, June 8, 2013

Easy Glass Etching Tutorial

I get so tired of walking into my girl's bathroom and seeing their stuff all over the counters.  So I decided to make them glasses with their names on them so their things wouldn't get mixed up.

I started out by finding the font I wanted to use with the silhouette studio.  This can be done using sticker letters also.  
I sized them to be proportionate to the glass and then put a square around each name to make it a little easier to make the name straight when adhering.

I loaded contact paper, only because I ran out of vinyl, but I found that for projects where I am just using it as a template it works just as well.
I set the cut settings to vinyl and cut out the templates that I would be using.

One cut, I removed all of the excess contact paper.  I removed the name area and put them on the glasses.

I used armour etch, this can be found at craft stores and I found mine at Hobby Lobby.  I applied the armour etch with a sponge brush to the letter areas.

After applying to all the letters I let the etching cream sit for between 5 to 10 minutes.

Once the 5 to 10 minutes have passed I rinsed off the excess and removed the contact paper, then washed the glass completely.

Here are the completed glasses.  Now maybe my girls can be a little more organized!