Saturday, June 8, 2013

Painting a Letter on Burlap

I started this project by picking out my font for the letter "M" and sized it to 7x9.

I loaded a sheet of kraft paper cardstock into my silhouette cameo in order to cut out the stencil that I would need for the project.

Here is the stencil after it was cut out.

I cut the stencil down to an 8x10 size, the same size as the burlap that I would be painting.  I placed the stencil atop the burlap but didn't adhere it in any way.

I held the stencil down and sponge painted the letter.  It might get a little messy when completing this step.

Once I finished painting the letter I immediately removed the stencil to let it dry.  To dry completely it took about 30 minutes.

Here is the completed project.  I put it in a simple black frame and placed it on the table in my entryway.