Friday, July 19, 2013

DIY Embroidered Dishtowel

While looking around the silhouette blog I came across a project where a flower was cut out and embroidered onto a piece of linen for some cute wall art.  I decided that I could do this too!  Anyone who knows me, knows that unless it is a button needing to be sewn on or a small repair, I can not sew at all.  One day I will learn to sew with the sewing machine that is sitting in my daughter's closet, but until then, this will have to work for my new found fascination with needles and thread.

I decided to make some personalized dishtowels for my kitchen.  I found a 4 pack of plain white dish towels at target for about $2.50, so with this project in mind I got them.  My next stop was Michaels to get embroidery floss and needles.  I got so many different colors to choose from, including some varigated colors.

To start this project I decided on the monogram I wanted on my dishtowels and loaded it on the silhouette studio.  I resized it to the desired size and cut it out on tan cardstock.

Here is my M monogram after it was cut.  I used spray adhesive and placed it on my dishtowel.  I wanted to make sure it stuck down before I started embroidering.

Once the cardstock was stuck to the dishcloth, I began with the stiching.  I chose an orange varigated floss to use, the orange ties in with the color scheme I have in my kitchen.  It took about 1 and 1/2 skeins to finish this project. 
I really like the lift that the cardstock gives to the embroidery.

Here is the finished dish towel hanging on my oven.